sobota, 27 października 2012

LISTY. WIRTUALNE KOCIEWIE: artikel about Kierownik Ceslaw Lux

Dear Tadeusz Majewski, I´am very happy to found the artikel about Ceslaw Lux on this site...But I dont have translate it yet, I hope some friends in Greifswald can help me. In world war II Ceslaw Lux and his sister must worked in Germany, in village Steinhöfel near Frankfurt/Oder. My mother must work where too. She is now 88 and she has Fotos and a poem: here is a translation in germany and a foto from Czeslaw around 1943 My mother has also a letter from Czeslaws father, Anton Lux. She would be very very happy to here something about Czeslaw Lux ore his children! Can help you to find the contact?
yours sincerely
Detlef Witt Wiesenstraße
67 17489 Greifswald
03834-504813 0173-8458963

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